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We want to build our relationships through face to face meetings.

Our objective is to take your ideas and input to strategize a plan for your project. 

Through communication, we will develop a strong partnership for the future. Having "well built" relationships with our clients allows us to proactively organize and communicate our work. This level of communication establishes trust  and allows our clients to leave their project completely in our hands.

We specialize in construction cost estimates as part of the overall construction management.

With our reliable partners, we are able to offer prices that are not available anywhere else in the market.


Photo evaluations and reports are produced for each property with competitive pricing, so you receive a variety of price quotes and are able to choose wich one is best for you. By providing these detailed pricing estimates, our clients can realize the project overview from the conceptual phase to the closeout phase.

Because we are confident in our work, you will only pay as work is completed. This is done in inerements to ensure complete satisfaction in workmanship.



Our process  is to work with our partners to keep you informed during each step of the construction or renovation process. By identifying and analyzing the project’s scope of work, time, costs, and quality, CMC will develop an accurate assessment of how the construction process with unfold during its course.​​

With development of schedules and providing accurate timelines, we maintain constant communication to ensure each deadline is met to your satisfaction. With identification of the advantages and risks present, our insight acts as your personal guide. Our oversight of your project grants us the ability to foresee any obstacles or challenges that may arise. We will develop solutions and keep you fully aware!

Upon completion of your project, you will be at case knowing that each step of construction was verified by us. You will have the exact finished product that you asked for from the start.


We want your project to reflect the relationship we have established. There will be no question in your mind as to who you will call for your next project!

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