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Our service is why we stand alone to offer a special and unique product.​

CMC is a company that specializes in property renovation. The company refurbishes older homes and apartements in need of a face lift. 

We control the costs of our projects, respect the price and the date that we have indicated! ​

Our team will help you to understand the value of your property based on its location. Whether your objective is to rent, resell, or to flip, our advice is invalable. We will help you achieve the desired return on your investiment.

Our team of professionals supplies project support from all angles with hands-on expertise. CMC offers a variety of professional services not limited to construction and renovation.


We provide comprehensive and customized construction management consulting with knowledge that can be applied to specific projects of our clients. These integrated services provide the best results in our partnerships. 


We provide solution oriented advice so that your vision can be realized! 


With us, you will have a personalized follow up on any request you may have. It is important for us to keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project. We are at your disposal for any questions!

Through consultation, management and construction come together to paint the picture of what your finish project will bring to you. We illustrate the integration of all project phases for your complete understanding and satisfaction.

CMC has developed a process for handling all levels of project management. From the day to day operations and scheduling of our construction team to site inspections, budget planning, and final approvals, we coordinate all aspects. Our success is based on managing the prospective timelines and prices that were agreed upon. We respect your time as our client. We manage our time to maximize productivity and achieve your desired goal.
What we do for you: ​
  • Project Management and Coordination

  • Project Development

  • Budget and Schedule Development

  • Permit and Plan Submission

  • Plan and Specification Analysis

  • Financial Review and Analysis

  • Negotiate Contracts and Obtain Approvals


Across all phases of construction, we are able to add value to our client’s projects. 

We will keep you regularly informed of work progress. We want you to be aware of your project's status. 

Our company has surrounded itself with people who have over 15 years of experience. We have built a team of partners and trusted craftsmen for every area of construction. You can trust the skills and knowledge of our professionals to follow specified plans and project requirements.  ​ 


This is what CMC stands for!

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